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Mirror a screen to TV or PC, share with friends, the visual effect is more exciting.

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Enjoy games on a big screen with the help of 1001 TVs! Say bye to small screen on the phone.

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Cast short videos, travel photos, and music on your phone to your smart TV, enjoy the big screen experience!

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Most happiness time with the children, it stores on the phone, but could cast to TV with 1001 TVs!
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Limited display screen with ipad when studying the online class, enjoy a big tv display with 1001tvs app


It's harmful to watch videos on mobile phones for children eyes, much better to cast them to TV.

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1001 TVs is a convenient and practical screen-casting application, it supports you mirror Android screen to TV, cast Android screen to computer, mirroring to a web browser. With this app, you will enjoy the online courses, office meetings, live TVs, mobile games, album videos or other apps on your smart TV screen instead of small phone screen.

【Differentiation】 What's special?

+ This app provides more stable service than Miracast and Wireless Display, It also has the quality options for adapting to the network: low,normal,high,ultra.

+ After launch, detect nearby available devices automatically, select one device to mirror or cast.

Wireless Screen Mirroring Solutions for Any Devices

1001tvs casting to tv


1001tvs casting to phone


1001tvs casting to PC/Mac


【Feature list】 What can I do for you?

1. Screen mirror from phone to Windows PC, Mac, Apple TV, Android TV

This application is a free and simple mirroring and casting tool, it can wirelessly transfer your mobile phone screen to PC and TV. Launch the application on the TV, use the mobile app to scan the QR code, and the phone screen will appear on TV! It's easier than AirPlay and Miracast, also more stable.

2.Browser mirror

It's a amazing feature to show screen on Chrome,Edge and Firefox web brower,it means you can cast screen to all OS with browser, Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, linux, unix and so on, the pad, laptop, TV are all supported. To connect the device properly, it is suggested to turn off the VPN.

3.Files Share

Send photos, videos, and documents to PC in same Wi-Fi, also can receive pictures and music files from PC. It's a easy file transfer feature like AirDrop, drag and drop files on pc, then see them on phone. If you like the iOS transfer and apple transfer feature, feel free to share it. Send files in same Wi-Fi is faster than Bluetooth, share and send anywhere you want.

4.Digital Album

Transfer photos from phone to TV, then enjoy the slide show, just like in a gallery. You need install app on TV firstly, then connect to it.

5.Cast Photos, Videos, Music to Smart TV or any other UPNP/DLNA compatible Media Player

Select media files on phone to streaming, the TV will play video, show photos as slide show.

【User Story】 Why you need it?

+ Live streaming: As a Internet celebrity / blogebrity / cyberstar / online celebrity / Web Sensation, it's tired to watch the phone all time, so please mirror phone to second screen, more bigger and more clear.

+ Entertainment: Support a variety of entertainment programs to be played on a larger screen. Cast your favourite movies, YouTube channels, TV shows, live shows, and online videos on a larger screen.

+ Game: Mirror your mobile phone games to TV, playing games on a bigger screen with more exciting experience, sharing fun time with friends and family!

+ Education: Are you taking online lessons home? Use this APP to project the laptop, mobile phone screen on the TV, watch slides more clearly, take notes more convenient!

+ Work: Share files between phone and PC closely, Wi-Fi Share becomes more and more popular, can send anywhere.

+ Presentation: Project the documents/slides/excel to a larger screen to share with colleagues and classmates, also can send other content wirelessly.

+ Reading: Do you think the screen of your mobile phone or e-book is too small? We helps you streaming your e-books on a larger screen for a more comfortable reading experience.

+ Fitness: Follow the TV screen to learn movements,such as CRUNCHES,JUMPING JACKS,PUSH-UPS,PLANK,LUNGES,SQUATS, make sure your posture is perfect.

+ Stock trading: Display K line,real-time data,economic calendar, personalized portfolio,news and analysis on a larger screen intuitively and clearly.

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